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North Queensland Register this week

December 19, 2019

Registration pack developed for Sisters of the North funds

Sally Cripps
16 Jul 2019, 10:15 a.m.
Queensland Country Life

Community groups and those in exceptional circumstances not covered by typical assistance have now been added to the list of beneficiaries under the Sisters of the North flood recovery program.

In a flagship moment for the charity that has been the rallying call for many north west Queenslanders needing help after the flood, it has announced that registration packs now available.

The organisation has been distributing emergency funds so far via an Australia-first SMS system texting voucher codes for recognition at local shops.

Sisters of the North organiser Susan Dowling said that program, using community ambassadors to identify people in need, had been an interim arrangement based on local knowledge to quickly get donated money circulating among small businesses in the affected towns.

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